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Traffic exchange bot

Introducing Traffic Exchange Bot, our software will auto-surf manual traffic exchanges for you. It compares images, claims prize pages, claims surfbar prizes, claims buffs and completes verification pages for you and it does it all on complete auto-pilot! Signup up to each Traffic Exchange automatically, and logs in automatically.
I’ve been using this software myself for the last 12 months and I generate just over 400,000 hits per month from the Traffic Exchanges. Now I’m making it available to you, but only for a limited time. Once I’ve sold 50 copies, I will be taking this page down!
Our software is completely undetectable: as far as the traffic exchanges are concerned, you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox while surfing. Most traffic exchanges will try to make you think that they can detect our software but they can’t, I’m proof of that because I’ve been using the software for 12 months and I’ve never had any of my traffic exchange accounts suspended nor deleted!
The software currently works with 96 of the top traffic exchanges and I will be adding more every week! I am aiming to support 100 traffic exchanges within the next month. As I add more I will increase the price, but if you buy today you’ll lock in the current monthly price.

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3. Save the file to your desktop and open it